With the arrival of Game of Thrones season seven just around the corner, the good news just keeps rolling in.

Following the announcement that we're going to be treated to the longest episode the show creators have ever made, comes news of a brand new GoT aftershow. 
Last year, a similar show, called After the Thrones was launched on HBO Go and HBO Now. Presented by sports columnist and Game of Thrones super fan Bill Simmons the chat show was shelved by the network at the end of the season. 

Following the cancellation, Simmons set up sports, pop culture and tech site The Ringer. Today, thanks to the digital media venture, the journalist has now struck up a deal with Twitter to launch a brand new show based on all things Westeros.  

According to Variety, the new after show, simply called Talk The Thrones, will be presented by Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan from the GoT podcast The Watch. As well as being live-streamed via Twitter, the programme will also be available directly on The Ringer's Periscope

Best of all, there's no need to sign up to any VOD or cable to tune into the aftershow. Fans will be offered recaps, commentary and interviews free of charge through social media. 

As Bill Simmons promised during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the new programme will be more like a talk show offering fans an immersive experience. He said:

"We love Game of Thrones and we love the way Twitter is thinking about content right now, so we jumped at the chance to blow out our Thrones show into an interactive multimedia experience — something that reacts immediately to what just happened, almost like a post-game show in sports. Nobody is equipped to do that better than Twitter."

Following the format made popular by The Walking Dead fan show The Talking Dead, Talk the Thrones will launch after the very first episode of the new season. In the meantime, you can check out the latest photos of the show right here. 

Game of Thrones season seven will land on HBO on July 16.