Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has said that he'd like to see a fight between WBA title holder Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

During an interview with BBC Radio 5, Tyson said Joshua Vs Fury fight is one that he'd like to see because, even though people think Tyson Fury is a joke sometimes, he really knows how to fight.

"He put it together and Klitscho couldn't land a heavy punch on him so let's see if Joshua can land that heavy punch.

When asked if what Joshua has done reignited interest in the heavyweight division in the United states "Absolutely! You know all the heavyweights are looking out for him now".

"Deontay Wilder has improved a lot, but i believe that Joshua could beat him. It's his time. I could be wrong. I'm not the gospel of boxing but he really impressed me with Klitschko. He's fast too for a big guy".

According to Tyson, Anthony Joshua must prove he can handle the pressure and distractions of holding world heavyweight titles.