Although the World Cup won't be taking place before quite a while yet (five years from now actually), in Qatar the building of the various stadiums is progressing fast. Very fast even. So much so that the first one, the Khalifa Stadium, is already completed. Al Jazeera did a documentary about the venue in view of its inauguration last Friday, May 19.
This stadium, built in 1970, has undergone major renovation work to accommodate the 2022 World Cup. The Khalifa Stadium can now house 40,000 spectators and is equipped with the best of today’s technologies The most important issue to tackle was probably to get the cooling system right, as this engineer reports:

"We are using a series of air handling units to cool the outside air to the appropriate temperature."

A cooling system is indeed needed, despite the fact that the competitions will take place in winter. The energy-efficient system should stabilise the temperature inside the stadium at around 26 degrees.

Nasser Al Khater, a member of the 2022 World Organizing Committee, expressed his delight at having completed the renovation of this stadium so soon and promised that the same level of commitment will be applied to the other stadiums used during the competition:

"Progress in moving well with all the stadiums, so hopefully we will see new stadiums again in 2018, and then 2019 and then in 2020 all stadiums will be delivered.”