Popular comedian and actor Bovi has expressed his thoughts on the issue of clicks and camps in the Nigerian comedy scene.

According to observations, many upcoming and fast rising comedians pitch tents with an established figure head thus making them perform on some platforms and being ignored on others.

Bovi who is one of the many A-list comedians currently making waves in the industry went on to say "I don't know about camps because to the best of my knowledge i have a cordial relationship with virtually every comedian in the industry".

"We are all growing and when we grow we choose the path we want to travel. There are comedians who are predominantly for hire, there are those who have grown to start their own shows so everybody cannot travel the same path".

When asked if he will ever do a show alongside other comedians like Basketmouth, AY e.t.c Bovi went on to say "It depends.. If the show says "All The Black Comedians Out of Nigeria" and the promoters pay me my money, i'm not bothered about who is on the bill. I'm not coming to entertain fellow comedians, i'm coming to entertain the audience".

"Speaking on where he draws the line on the sensitivity of his jokes, he further said " It depends on the joke, say for instance joking about a physically challenged person will be hard because there are certain factors to be considered. Firstly, the person has to be in the audience and secondly i'll tell the joke in a way that makes the person look good, not to ridicule". 

"People tend to think comedy is solely for ridicule but i can tell a joke about anything as long as i'm not ridiculing the situation of the character involved".

Bovi is currently preparing to mount the stage for the third installment of the Bovi Man On Fire show which takes place at the Eko Convention centre on Friday May 5th 2017.