Prince left behind an unforgettable musical legacy behind following his tragic death one year ago at the age of 57.
But aside from his own back catalogue of classics, the singer also penned a whole bunch of hits for other people – some of which you might not even realise he wrote.
Let’s remind ourselves of some of his compositions which went on to be hits for other artists – reminding us just how far-reaching his influence really was.

Prince re-wrote the rules of pop music in the early eighties, when he crossed over from a primarily African-American R&B audience to the purple-coated throne of mainstream pop, and then he rewrote them again. And again. And then again. He made Purple Rain, a historic fusing of the sacred and profane that’s basically the handbook to give to an alien who wants to understand late-20th century pop. He showed us that “pop superstar” and “guitar genius” are not mutually exclusive. He built a stark, mesmerizing number one hit without bothering with a bass line (“When Doves Cry”). He wrote pop songs about incest (“Sister” isn’t subtle), nuclear annihilation (“1999”) and gender-bending fantasies (the sublime “If I Was Your Girlfriend”). He made Sign o' the Times, a double LP that’s become synonymous in the critical lexicon with any sprawling, freewheeling statement by a genius at the peak of their powers.