While efforts are being made to address lapses in water, sanitation and hygiene at the Queens College Yaba that has remained shut, the  Lagos State Ministry of Health yesterday briefed the media on findings of investigations into a diarrhea outbreak that killed two students.

Commissioner for Health Dr. Jide Idris revealed that 1, 222 students were affected according to reports from the schools clinic from the incident that was reported rather late by the school authority.

He revealed 16 different water sources and 40 food handlers were investigated.

The commissioner stressed the need for improved environmental and personal hygiene by all and school  proprietors in particular.

While four students remain on admission with one critically ill but stable, parents with children from the school who have shown symptoms of fever and diarrhea are advised to contact the the apprpriate authorities.

In another development, the state is also warning of increase in rabies cases noting that two people have died between the 8th and the 13th of this month from the disease which is 99.9 percent fatal.
It urges all pet owners especially dogs to effectively vaccinate while all cases of dog bites must be reported and treated promptly.