Again, the Senate has  rejected Ibrahim Magu as the sustantive Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

 At the Senate’s plenary today, majority of the Senators rejected the confirmation of Magu as the EFCC boss through popular vote.

Earlier, Mr. Ibrahim Magu had given a brief introduction about himself before the Senate. Magu had told the Senate that, “I look forward to bringing new strategies for fighting corruption.” He said, “We look forward to restructuring the Commision, expanding operations in Ibadan and Maiduguri, improve Man power capacity.

The Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu after thanking Magu asked about the operations of the EFCC on disobeying court orders and cases of human rights abuse. He asked how EFCC under Magu will fight corruption.

The acting EFCC boss was also asked by Sen. Atai Aidoko about the operational procedure in detaining suspects on investigation under Magu. In his response, Mr. Magu said he did not come with the DSS report on the investigation carried out.

He cited that a human right activists once said EFCC’s cells are like hotels and there is too much comfort in there, therefore, reports of DSS claiming inhumane treatment of suspects in the EFCC’s cells cannot stand.

Concerning allegations about the house he bought without due procedure, Mr. Magu said he only stayed there because of its close proximity to work and to avoid late night movement.