President Adama Barrow will return to Banjul on Thursday. A tweet by Halifa Sallah, his aide, says that the new Gambian President is expected in Banjul by 4pm.

The tweet appears to have settled questions on when the real-estate baron turned politician will assume state functions, after the departure of his predecessor, the long-time ruler Yahya Jammeh.

Adama Barrow himself in a tweet had said he would return home on Tuesday. The tweet has now been deleted. ECOWAS Commission President Marcel Alan de Souza said this on Tuesday at the commission's secretariat in Abuja.

His comments during a meeting with members of the diplomatic corps come days after ECOWAS peacefully resolved the political crisis in Gambia.

Mr. De souza also added that the ECOWAS coalition forces will remain in Gambia for six months as requested by president Adama Barrow. He thanked Nigeria's president Muhammadu Buhari for the role he played as a mediator as well as the President of Liberia and Senegal for their roles in resolving the crisis.