Ijeoma Tagbo

Today On STV takes a look at the plight of Internally Displaced Persons in some of the camps around the country.  A Public policy & Security Analyst Mukhtar Dan'iyan faulted the government on not meeting up to the expectations of the IDP daily needs.

Do you think government has done enough to alleviate the condition of IDPs in camps?

The way it’s been done we only focus on those in camp the truth is that there are more people in host communities than those in camp and no one pays attention to them, we have a full blown humanitarian crisis in the northeast with most people completely under the radar people don’t know and care about them, we have the HIV, malnutrition starvation it’s the worst humanitarian crisis in Nigeria since the civil war”.

UN officials Mohammed disclosed the requirements and establishing the need of food items for the IDP, one of the biggest challenges is with the infants, newborns and young ones in the camp are completely malnourished and the cases of kwashiorkor is back in Nigeria, we have estimated close to 200,000 children that are going to die in the next 12months due to malnutrition.

How can government help in this situation?

Government should get hold of the situation, though  the challenge of the camp is been faced by the President Buhari who claims that all this is a scam to get money from Nigeria and  raise money from international donors, which is ironic. Yesterday, Zainab Mohammed the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs was at the United Nations Conference in Geneva, and she said we do not lie of the crisis, which tells us that there is an overlap between the ministers and the president, where do we find the common ground and make it work, when the person in charge of the country feels it’s a minor issue and not a real situation.The women in the Camp  reported that they do not want a feeding committee, the challenge with lots of camps is that there are official and unofficial camp are completely off the radar, no proper management of the camp and foods been sold out.

How coordinated are the activities of the IDP camps?

The welfares at the camp, its poor and the situation should not be at the minimal level. We need to bring competent people international organizations and donors. I believe the Nigerian government both at the Federal and State level has not been able to meet up to the challenge at hand and that’s one of the biggest problem, you can’t experiment with human live.

The IDP is a humanitarian crisis that will stay with us for a very long time and the sooner the government address this issue the better for us because when children lack certain minerals and nutrients while growing up, it affects them psychologically and physically.

What do you think can be done besides intervention of international donors?

Ben Murray Bruce did something for the IDP sometimes ago. This is individual effort, which will go a long. We need to have the political will to get it done. You can gage your effectiveness by your results, with a president that believes it’s perfectly wonderful.

The government need to be better organized in handling the IDPs camps.  The government will need to conduct a census of displaced person in Nigeria, the major needs right now is getting foods and drugs, not even rehabilitation to people who are literally knocking on heaven’s door, we need to identify and get their health and nutritional needs.