By Ogundipe Elizabeth and Shadrack Yusuf

Following the victory of Donald Trump in the just-concluded US Presidential elections, Nigerians have been gripped by panic over the imminent stiff immigration policy of the President-Elect.  

Fielding questions from Nigerians today on their expectations and take on the result, it was gathered that most Nigerians who have relatives residing abroad ‘illegally’ are heavy with concern about the return of their loved ones. 

On his part, a Marine Engineer, Mr. Femi Alabi, did not find the result of the US elections polls surprising because his prediction was the reality. According to him, “The US Presidential election was a replica of the election held here in Nigeria”.

As he puts it, “During our time, our people were so sure about the victory of PDP, that the platform started to counter attack the opposing party – APC. This, on the other side, gave some level of publicity to APC. 

“The same was repeated during the US Presidential election. A lot of counter attacks were made against Donald Trump, indirectly giving him power and popularity among the citizens of America. I predicted that Donald Trump would win and I also took the same position during Nigeria’s election period”. 

He stressed, “Nigerians already have the impression that most of their relatives living abroad will be sent back to Nigeria. But the truth is, those that will be affected by Donald Trump’s policy of deporting the blacks are those that got into the United States ‘illegally’. For those that have their green cards don’t have to bother themselves about the policy”.

He, however, chipped in his urge for Nigerians to be proud of their country, saying, “I am a proud Nigerian. If Donald Trump eventually sends all Nigerians residing abroad back to the country, it will eventually bounce back as Americans living in Nigerian will also be sent out of the country. Nigerians should see it from the angle that they are foreigners in the Nigeria”.

In her views on the subject matter, a Customer Care Representative, Globacom telecommunications carrier, Ifeoma Ogbonna, expressed her discontent with the result of the polls, saying, “I am not happy about the fact that Donald Trump won the election. I would have loved it if Hillary Clinton won the election in order to allow her showcase what she has to offer. 

“I am angry about the fact that Donald Trump won the election and I don’t know what Donald Trump has to offer to the world due to the fact that I did not expect him to win”, she added. 

Elaborating on the topic, a Medical Doctor, Sola Braithwith took the same position as the aforementioned Engineer, saying that he is not surprise about the result of the United States elections and that he had expected the result three months ago, describing the election as a ‘show’. 

He argued, “People don’t see the insight of politics and all they see is the mirror. Now the reality is here because all that had been was showcased and likened to Nollywood and Hollywood.

“Based on Donald Trump’s policy, looking at it from a political angle – these policies are not feasible. He only used it to campaign so as to win the Republican vote and that’s the way the Republicans are. They are backed up by a strict policy, but if they try it now the platform will crash”.

Speaking further, he said, “The house of the executive and the legislature and also about how they adopt it. Those that are citizens have no problem. 

Donald Trump being the first technocrat to uphold political power in the United States of America, I expects positive results from him only if he is given the space and ability to rule and not too controlled by political godfathers cause he is new in the system.

I almost  bet that he will win and yet some people still push him up as the candidate for the republican despite all the bad things said about him, all this is just a movie to be technical about it.

Mincing his words, a Car Dealer, Emeka Nwosu, simply puts his views, “Anybody can win if the election is free and fair and for the fact that Donald trump won it means a lot of people love him. 

 He stressed further by saying that “I have about 14 to 15 relatives residing in the United States and that the policy will not affect them because they legally got into the country and the policy would not affect them.

A French chef Didier Agoholu expressed his view on the point “I believe Donald trump will do better and I can’t say that I expect anything from him now until he begins his work in office.

In conclusion a trader Ali Adamu voiced that “I pray to God to make it successful for him, my take on him winning the election is that god should change his heart to allow Muslims stay in the country”.