The Chairman of the Centre for Value and Leadership, Prof. Pat Utomi, has called on the younger generation not to emulate the mental laziness of the present crop of leaders who he said are not ready to rebuild the country.

Noting that many who are in the position of authority are not leaders, he regretted that the dearth of leadership values among political elites has become the bane of development in Nigeria.

Utomi stated this on Friday at the Emerging Leaders Conference organised by Guardian of The Nation International held at Civil Centre in Lagos, with the theme: Self-Reinvention; The Trigger for Economic Boom.

The event brought together thousands of youths drawn from across the country which feature seminar, interactive session, and breakout sessions.

In advising his audience not to emulate the "mentally lazy elite that are not ready to build their country", he said, "You must not be like them. If we continue to act the way they acted, in my view that is irresponsibility.

He went on to say that the country is in need of leaders who have a sense of service towards others and contribution to the Society. 

He stressed that leadership is living a life that has an impact, positing that "You are achieving immortality and doing what gives meaning to your existence. To live is to pursue immortality. And these can be done on two levels: Material immortality and spiritual immortality".

Observing that Nigerians have all become Biafrans now, the professor said, "Everyone is feeling marginalised. It is the tragedy of 1966, they took Nigeria in 1966 and are still running Nigeria now".

– Today