In the entertainment industry today, the atmosphere is charged with stand-up comedians declaring interests in acting. 

The likes of AY (A Trip to Jamaica, 30 Days in Atlanta), Bovi (It’s Her Day), among others have expressed their desires to take movie roles in their respective domains. 

While some Nigerian fans have questioned the genius of these moves, renowned comedian, Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere, fondly called, “Alibaba”, made it clear that money is not the reason. 

According to him, "comedians do not shoot movies because they can make money from them. We make more money from stand-up shows than we make from movies. I have played in about two movies, you spend at least three weeks shooting a movie and you would make the money they are paying you for that movie at a show. For every entertainer, you will look for all platforms to entertain yourself". 

"Jamie Foxx went into music and he won Grammy’s, he went into movies and he won an Oscar award; Jamie Foxx is a comedian. LL Cool J is a rap artiste but he also acts and nobody has screamed blue murder. Will Smith was a comedian, turned rapper and actor, nobody has screamed blue murder. What is just happening is that a lot of people do not understand that as an artiste, you need to express yourself in different ways”.

Speaking further, he said if someone sees him hold a photography exhibition, they would begin to wonder when Ali Baba delved into photography. They do not know that he started taking pictures since 1978. If someone sees him drawing, they would ask when he started drawing but he had been doing that since he was in secondary school. Someone could see him dancing and be wondering but he was the third runner-up in John Player in 1981. 

"There was a time someone said that there was a comedian in Nigeria who was the first person to perform in an aeroplane and he replied the person that he did that in 1993 with Nigeria Airways across Africa. People did not know because it was not reported. He had acted in several flicks. He did, “My Guy” in a movie Barsorge shot in 1997 and he was in the soap opera, “The Honourables”. The only reason he stopped acting was because there was no money in it”.