US Secretary of State, John Kerry was  in Sokoto and Abuja today where he met with the Sultan of Sokoto Saad Abubakar and President Muhammadu Buhari respectively.

In Sokoto, Kerry commended the role of the monarch in promoting religious tolerance among Nigerians.

He promised US Government support for the sultanate, saying, "The US govt will give its support to ensure religious tolerance in Nigeria."

In Abuja, Kerry met with Buhari behind closed door. Some of the issues he is expected to discuss with the president incude ways to fight terrorism, investment opportunity and how to rebuild the northeatstern part of the country.

He spoke on a number of national issues including the support from the United States to aid government and humanitarian efforts in reintegrating the IDPs into their communities.

Earlier, Sultan had thanked the US Secretary for the visit, promising that the sultanate would not relent on promoting peaceful co-existece among all religious bodies in Nigeria.