President Muhammadu Buhari has said that Nigerians must be ready to key into the idea of the present administration of economic diversification to ensure the success of the country.

He said this while commissioing some projects in Zamfara State on Wednesday as he called on everyone to think closely about Nigeria’s changing situation.

He said, "There is no easy money to throw around. We must go back to farming, livestock rearing from which we could develop industries. We must collectively put our hands on deck to ensure the success of our mission of reengineering Nigeria."

According to him, if genuine efforts were made in the past to diversify the economy from absolute reliance on a single commodity, we would not have found ourselves in our current situation.

"I however assure all Nigerians that the grim economic problems are a passing phase which all societies go through. Meanwhile our security situation is improving not only in the north-east but all over the country. We are confident that our macroeconomic policies as well as the monetary policies being implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria will lead to revitalisation of industries and steady growth in significant sectors of the economy," he stated.

He explained that the government commitment to secure the country has already started yielding results, saying for the first time in the history of Boko Haram insurgency seven years ago, the people of Borno state celebrated their Eid-il-fitr with ease devoid of any security barricades.

"Let me use this occasion to reiterate that government is determined more than ever before to deal decisively with any threat to the security of this nation from any quarters," he said.