A bill for an act to establish the National Poverty Eradication Commission has scaled second reading on the floor of the senate.
The bill, which was referred to the senate committee on national planning seeks to drastically reduce the poverty level of Nigerians.
Senator Ibrahim Gobir who sponsoed the bill said the creation of the commission will enable the Federal Government know the rate of poverty at any given time and fashion out ways to check it.

According to him, the establishment of the commission became necessary due to increased poverty among Nigerians and the need to coordinate and monitor poverty eradication activities in Nigeria.

He explained that the commission if it is eventually created will among other things help to cushion the effects of poverty among Nigerians through outreach with international donor organisations.

“It is also to maintain an outreach with international donor organisations and quarterly inform Nigerians of the percentage of poverty reduction or increase as the case may be," he said.