Some parts of Lagos metropolis recorded the first rain of the year this morning, January 19, 2016. For early risers coming from Lagos Mainland, the weather was hot but it changed on the Island with showers of rain.

Though sprinkling, the drizzling reduced the stress and tension on the Third Mainland Bridge despite heavy traffic. Also in some parts of Ibadan metropolis, the Oyo state capital recorded the first rain of the year. 

The rain which began at about 3.48 a.m. lasted for almost an hour.
This make many residents, who had been complaining of the hot weather in the city to heave a sigh of relief.

For workers on Victoria Island, the little rain might lead to heavy traffic at the close of work on Tuesday but for people living in Ibadan it was relief from the heat experienced in the last one month.

“The first rain of the year is a sign of blessing, I never knew it will come this early; all the same it is a welcome development,” according to Mr. Adetayo.
“I want to advice that government should prepare for the rainy season so that we will not be caught unawares when heavy rain comes,’’ Adetayo said.
Mrs Asake Are, a civil servant, also said the rain was a sign blessing for the state and country.

“I hope it will bring more blessing in food production this year, I foresee a bountiful harvest this year.

“I observed that resident have not been keeping the environment clean; we must ensure that our drainage are properly cleared to avoid flooding,’’ Are said.‎