A legal challenge to stop the release of the teenage convict of the 2012 Delhi gang rape has been unsuccessful.

The petitioner, MP Subramanian Swamy, had requested the Delhi high court to stop his release, due on Sunday.

The teenager, who cannot be named as he was a minor at the time of the crime, was sentenced to three years in a reform facility in August 2013 – the maximum term possible for a juvenile.

The rape and the subsequent death of the woman had caused global outrage.
Some activists and the parents of the victim also wanted the teenager to stay in jail, saying "he can be a threat to the society".

But on Friday, the court said the convict could not be kept in the correctional home because he had served the maximum term possible under the law.

"We agree it is a serious issue. But after 20 December, the juvenile cannot be kept at a special home per law," the NDTV website quoted the judge as saying.