Former Attorney General in the first republic, Chief Richard Akinjide has said that it is wrong for any Nigerian of Igbo descent to be agitating for Biafra Republic at this level of nationhood. 

He said this while reacting to agitation of some Igbo people for Biafra Republic, adding, “ I don’t see why anybody should now be asking for Biafra again, I think it should be rejected.
Anybody supporting Biafra must be very, very wrong. I don’t know their reason but whatever their reason, they are wrong.”

Akinjide stated that Nigeria as a country had passed through any form of agitation now, having fought a war for three years over Biafra and Biafra was defeated.

He explained that that the whole country is united with the belief that Nigeria should remain one country and that the Igbo joined the country and since then had been governors in the country. “They have been ministers both at the state and federal levels. They have been ambassadors abroad. I don’t see why anybody should now be asking for Biafra again, I think it should be rejected,” he said.

To him, the agitators should be called for a meeting and talk to them as fathers to sons. “I think they should call them to a meeting and talk to them as father to son and ask them to stop because there is no reason for them to do what they are doing. In the last government, we had an Igbo as Minister of Finance (Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala) and also, we had an Igbo as Secretary to the government, we also had Igbo as ambassadors in many parts of the world. 

So, there is no excuse for anybody to say he wants to break up the country again after we fought a bloody war of about three years. We don’t want to go back to that. We want peace everywhere and we want a fair share whether you are from the North, East, West, South, Middle-Belt everything should be evenly and fairly distributed,” he stated.