By Obaro Alordiah

It may sound unbelievable but it is true that large percentage of people see pornography but pretend to be saints. No doubt about it, porn is corrupt, when it is not for adults and could easily damage or strengthen a relationship.

Open a discourse on sex, the most eloquent person easily rescinds to talk about it. Speak about porn, men quickly turn to angels, even though they see porn in the corners of their rooms. Some see it as couple, while some do it privately to satisfy their sexual urge.

Nevertheless, porn affects relationships only when one of the partners detests seeing it. And when a pornstar gets on with a church girl, the question about morality becomes pretentious.

“That is what turns me on because my partner is not good at it,” a respondent has said.  Though reluctantly he posited that seeing porn had kept his marriage anyway.

“I see it to augment the weakness of my partner instead of quitting the relationship,” he said. But to another individual (names withheld), “When one is pre exposed to a certain style of porn that seems pleasurable in the bedroom with your partner you may want to experience this and sometimes on the other hand it can also be a negative tool”. 

“I think it makes the relationship stronger, so long as you are doing it with your spouse and it’s for a good reason”. 

“Depending on the people in the relationship I’ve seen porn destroy relationships and I’ve seen porn create relationships so it depends on your mind-set. If you are someone who doesn’t like porn you wouldn’t appreciate your partner seeing porn. But it’s a 50/50 thing it can also spice up a relationship.

Porn can come in many forms including literature, audio and magazines; although the most common way is through an internet connection to porn sites.

But the question is; Is it harmful to see porn? Could it be an addiction? Is it a pleasant way to spice up relationships or can it destroy one? From religious point of view, seeing porn could be satanic while pornography is immoral to a Mr. Integrity.  

Porn can be seen as soft-core or hard-core. Soft-core normally contains nudity but is not explicit sexual activity, while hard-core does contain graphic sexual activity. 

With regards to how many people see porn, majority of them said they did while others said they did not but confessed they had seen it in the past. From this research it was gathered that porn can have an effect on relationships both positively and negatively.