Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose went ahead to distribute Salah rams to Muslims in Ekiti on Tuesday despite that Muslim leaders vowed to reject it.

The governor said that he would not allow himself to be dragged into religious politics and that the rams’ gifts is a demonstration of love and support for the Musllims.

It will be recalled that Muslim leaders in the state had called on their members to reject the salah gifts from the governor on the ground that the present administration had not appointed reasonable number of Muslims into its cabinet.

However, some of the Muslim faithful trooped out on Tuesday to collect the rams as they defied their leader’s instruction. They argued that they would rather follow God’s instruction instead of any Imam’s dierective.

Speaking, Fayose urged Muslims to prevent themselves from being used as instruments of politics by desperate politicians, who are bent on maligning his government at every slight opportunity.

As he put it “I won’t allow anybody to drag me into playing politics with religion. What I am doing today is a demonstration of love and support for the Muslims. I am not that kind of a leader who does things with religious interest.
“I will do same to Christians at Christmas exactly what I am doing to Muslims today.”