Tottenham Hotspurs coach Jose Mourinho has apologised to midfielder Eric Dier for substituting him off in less than 29 minutes into Tuesday night’s Champions League win over Olympiacos.

Mourinho made the decision to sacrifice Dier in favour of Christian Eriksen after his side got off to a nightmare start in

The clash between Tottenham and Olympiakos was a key Group B encounter, as Youssef El Arabi and Ruben Semedo strike made Tottenham to go 2-0 down inside 20 minutes of the game.

In Mourinho’s words, he said, “The first thing I want to say is to publicly [sic] what I did in the dressing room is to apologise to Eric Dier,” “It is never easy for a player but not for the coaching staff either.

“It was for the team and we needed a different solution. We were losing 2-0, they were closing really well and I needed a second man with Dele Alli to come into the pockets. It was between Dier and Harry Winks but a hard decision.

“They understand, Eric understands but the reality it is never easy and to make it clear, it was about the team not individuals. I thought about taking out one of the centre-backs and putting Eric in defence.”

The drama continued in the match as Tottenham triumphed 4-2  against Olympiakos.