Professional boxer Anthony Joshua has gotten a slimmer figure three months ahead of his rematch with Andy Ruiz for the world heavyweight title.


According to the former WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO heavyweight champion, who is looking to regain his belts on 7 December in Saudi Arabia, he has been ‘sharpening the tools he left to rust’,and he, and his team, clearly feel a trimmed down physique is the way to do that.

Partially, blame was put on Joshua when he was knocked down by Andy Ruiz in the seventh round in  New York, June 2019, as one of the reasons given for  Joshua’s defeat was that he was being too bulky and slow-footed.

Another issue noted was that, he wasn’t focused enough on those areas of his games previously.But the 29-year-old is looking to remedy those problems. In his words, he said:

‘I believe that when you go to war, you need more tools in your box than just one thing or two things that have been working,’ Joshua told reporters. ‘So that time it didn’t work and I have to go and sharpen my other tools that I’ve been leaving to rust.

‘Even though it’s a short amount of time – that’s why you said I’ve trimmed down – because nothing else was more important to me in this three months than sharpening the tools that I left out of the box, rather than just coming in strong and fit.


‘You would have just known that I’d been working on the same things I already had been. But you’ve noticed a change because I’ve been working on certain aspects.’ Joshua has weighed as little as 230.5lbs, on his professional debut in 2013, and as much as 254lbs, against Carlos Takam in 2017, but says he never has a target weight for a fight.

‘I’ve never really looked at my weight for fight night, it’s more of a feeling,’ Joshua continued. ‘How do I feel in sparring? That’s the ultimate preparation for a fight. I’ve never really said, “I need to be this weight”. ‘But for Ruiz I’ll only go off how I feel when I’ve got the right sparring in and I can tell my coach how I’m feeling and then we’ll figure out the weight once the training adapts to it.’

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