Angry Team Nigeria athletes on Wednesday rejected the $100 daily allowance offered them by the Ministry of Sports.

Some of the athletes said they were ready for a clash with the officials.

They insisted that having collected $150 as daily allowance at the last edition of the Games in Congo four years ago, they would not accept anything less from the ministry.

It was learnt that one of the judokas borrowed Judogis (judo kits) from his North African counterpart to fight.

A female athlete, who spoke on condition of anonymity, added that the kits given to them were of very low quality.

Another athlete, who was also at the last Games in 2015, stated that their camp allowance of N3,000 was paid before leaving for Congo, while this year’s camp allowance was slashed to N1500.

Meanwhile, it was learnt that rather than work as a team in Rabat, sports ministry and the Nigeria Olympic Committee official shave engaged themselves in a power tussle.