Talented Brazilian footballer Dani Alves,  has disguised in different career outfits.

Alves who is currently in search for a new club is contemplating a number of different career paths as he continues his search.

The talented full-back posted a variety of self deprecating photos on his Instagram page of himself performing a mix of different jobs.

Alves in one, was seen displaying different gestures in different career uniforms, in which one  depicted him as a gardener, with one hand resting proudly on a long stick.

In another career outfit, Alves appeared as a taxi driver about to take a huge bite out of a burger and as a checkout worker at a supermarket.

Another hilarious outfit reflected the 36-year-old as a security guard as the photoshopped image of him at an art gallery shows him having a snooze.

One important and attractive moment in the midst of all his gestures is the comments he uttered. He said,  ‘Let’s plant good things, sell good things, eat good things, swim in a sea of ​​good things, and the merits of our deeds. The rest are stories!!’

Serial winner Alves has been on the lookout for a new challenge, since his contract with PSG expired at the end of the season.

Interestingly, the former Barcelona man is not ready to hang up his boots and take up an ordinary day job just yet.

Pep Guardiola, his former manager, is one man interested in Alves’ signature and could recruit him for Manchester City.

When asked about it, the Spaniard refused to rule out the possibility of a deal.

He said: ‘We know, as all the important clubs know, about his situation.

‘He is an incredible player and an extraordinary person – but we have two incredible full-backs so it is what it is.’

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