Gospel music artist Babalola, Paul Abraham well known as Babz Carpenterz said the accident he had served as a catalyst for his ministry.

Speaking as a guest on the programme ‘Today On STV’, Babz revealed that a carpenter repairs and never destroys, explaining further, his understanding of who a carpenter is.

Babz further stated that people look at a log of wood with different perspectives; stressing that the perspective of a carpenter is to repair and make something out of the wood, while a common man looks at a wood and sees firewood

The gospel explained further, giving a vivid example of Jesus Christ, stating that Jesus Christ spent thirty years on Earth.

Speaking further, Babz said, the whole essence of Jesus is make people see a better perspective of themselves; going through thirty years of a physical journey as his father prepared him for three years of the spiritual journey.

On the history of his music journey, Babz revealed that he started music in 2001, after having an accident that served as a catalyst for his ministry and decided to go into music fully after God spared his life.

He also stated that he has the desire to help people to achieve what God has destined them to be, revealing that his father is a pastor.

Explaining the true meaning of Easter, he said Easter is Love, revealing different kinds of Love, stressing that no matter what humans do, God still loves them.

The gospel artist said he is involved in a couple of projects and as for the way forward, he is planning to release his album which will be released in August.

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