After leading Friday prayers eight years ago, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is on the verge of repeating the exercise in the capital, Tehran .

While in anticipation for the religious exercise to be carried out, Iranians still have fresh in their memories the Ukrainian passenger plane shot down by Iran’s military last week, and the widespread angry protests carried out some few days back.

Looking at the economic implication of the event, Iran’s leadership is also under pressure over a sharp downturn in the economy brought on by US sanctions.

But the way forward was expressed by President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday, as he went ahead to appeal for national unity.

The president also, called on the military to give a full account of how it shot down the plane, a rare sign of friction within the Iranian regime.

The crash occurred while; the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 was travelling to Kyiv from Tehran on 8 January.

The tragic aspect of the crash was that, all 176 passengers on board, including dozens of Iranians and Canadians, died.

After international pressure mounted, the Iranian authorities later admitted that they are responsible for the mishap.

It was also discovered that, the hardline Revolutionary Guards admitted that the plane had been mistaken for a “cruise missile” during heightened tensions with the US.

Before the crash, Iranian missiles had targeted two airbases in Iraq that housed US forces.