The Federal Executive Council is meeting at State House Abuja probably for
the last time before its valedictory session on Wednesday.

The cabinet had met in over five sessions in the last three weeks with many
of the meetings running late into the night.

It met on Wednesday and Thursday last week, approving contacts that ran into billions of Naira and may do so again during this session.

Villa Sources say the meetings are an attempt to “clear the table” so that there
will be no outstanding issue inherited by the incoming cabinet.

If anything, the new cabinet will inherit the series of last minute contracts approved since they have been awarded against the 2019 budget.

State House Correspondent Kehinde Amodu believes that the philosophy
of the Buhari administration to complete projects started by previous administrations is likely to hold sway during his second term.

It is therefore very likely that these last minute contract awards will be adopted by the incoming cabinet.