The vice presidential candidate of People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) Mr. Peter Obi , has refuted the rumours that he has not been endorsed his people from the south eastern part of Nigeria.

Speaking as a guest on the special segment of Silverbird’s Television programme, “News Hub”, the former Governor of Anambra State, clearly stated that he was endorsed to be the vice presidential candidate of PDP; stressing that may be some people felt they needed to be carried along.

Speaking further, Mr. Obi said, in the entire South East Zone, they are working as a family emphasizing that Ohanaeze is not a political body but a cultural neutral body that comprises of the Igbos.

On the issue of second Niger Bridge, Mr Obi said Nigerians are wasting their time on frivolous issues, instead of facing vital issues like 21 Million unemployed youths in Nigeria and giving 87 million Nigerians that are in poverty, food.

About the issue of rumours on social media, he stated that the people will vote, assuring Nigerians that the people will not vote for the present government, revealing that the question should be: How far has the present government fare, weighing where they are today, and where they were yesterday.

The issue of political investment in 2023 was raised during the interview, but Mr Obi cleared the air that there is nothing like political investment, urging Nigerians to face vital issue, with much emphasis that people are wasting time on non issues.

Mr Obi also talked extensively about Nigerian economy, revealing that all indices of the economy are negative, giving examples that in the last three years, the GDP of Nigeria has gone below 20 per cent and per capital, a critical measure of development moved from 2,500 dollars to 1,900 dollars.

The mention of politics was strictly not left out as elections draws near as Mr Obi compared America With Nigeria, noting the fact that America will care about its citizens, but in the case of Nigeria, the issue of frivolity of “my brother” will always emerge and he is against such norm.

According to him, using Health, Per- capita, and Education as a the measure of development, he said Nigeria has moved to 157, revealing that he does not want to be vice president to benefit the Igbo or Yoruba man, but to give Nigeria a future.

Analysing this year’s budget Mr. Obi said Nigeria’s Health budget is 340 Billion Dollars divided by 200 Million people, will be 5Naira per day and Education budget is 460 Billion and combining both will be about 800 Billion, which can not be practically seen in the ceconomy.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Obi said projects like Lagos Ibadan Expressway and others does not worth One trillion naira, revealing that he is a qualified candidate and Nigerians should have people that can show Nigerians the right direction.

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