The older brother of Atiku Abubakar,  former education minister, Alhaji Birma Dauda, has predicted that President Muhammadu Buhari will win the 2019 presidential election.

Dauda who is also a close friend of Buhari said that he would rather support President Buhari instead of his younger brother Atiku because he believes so much in him.

According to him, the election will be a tough one but many people will stick with Buhari.

“The presidential election will to a large extent determine the outcome of other elections. In this direction, people will stay with Buhari, they will vote for the president irrespective of the smear campaigns going on and agitations from various quarters.

“People have seen him to be reasonably conservative, and he is already an incumbent and not many people will like to go adventurous and start shifting ground from the realities of today to uncertainties. The election is going to be peaceful, and with that, I believe Buhari will be returned as the president,” he said.