Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has said that what the country actually needs is good governance but not restructuring some people are calling for.

He spoke at the 40th Anniversary Lecture of the Association of Friends on Monday in Lagos, saying that he is a true advocate of fiscal federalism, stronger state governments and state police but not restructuring.

Speaking on the theme of the lecture is “Restructuring and the Nigerian Federation,” Osinbajo explained that geographical restructuring would not solve the country’s problem but good leadership and governance.

“I have been an advocate, both in court and outside, of fiscal federalism and stronger state governments.

“ I have argued in favour of state police, for the simple reason that policing is a local function.

“You simply cannot effectively police Nigeria from Abuja; only recently, I made a point that stronger, more autonomous states would effectively eradicate poverty.

“ So, I do not believe that geographical restructuring is an answer to Nigeria’s socio-economic circumstances.

“That would only result in greater administrative costs; but there can be no doubt that we need deeper fiscal federalism and good governance,” he said.