Winnie Mandela who died at 81, kept alive the flame of Nelson Mandela’s resistance to apartheid for much of the time he was in jail, but as the late Mandela became the world’s most revered elder statesman, Winnie became an embarrassment to some, including her husband.

In 1991 she was accused of facilitating the kidnapping of 14-year-old Stompie Moeketsi who was found with his throat cut after being accused of being a police informer.

In 1995 her husband, South Africa’s first black president, was left with little option but to sack her from her cabinet job as corruption allegations emerged.

Despite all the pains, she had to endure, Winnie spent much of her life playing a central role in her country’s struggle against apartheid.

Winnie died peacefully on Monday after a long illness and many say she would only be granted the credit she deserved now she was dead.

She would be given a state burial, South African Government has said.