The directive of the Lagos State Government ordering Local Government traffic officials to vacate roads in the State and desist from controlling and enforcing traffic laws is still very much in force, General Manager of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Mr Olawale Musa has said.

Addressing motorists and commuters at the agency’s head office in Oshodi who had come to complain about the excessive activities of Local Government traffic officials who operate in mufti, Musa said for the avoidance of doubt, the order is still operational on all roads in the State.

The complainants had besieged LASTMA’s office to report the activities of Local Government traffic officials operating in mufti who were fond of arresting and towing their vehicles to Local Government offices and facilities.

According to them, many motorists have become victims of the said Local Government traffic officials’ arbitrariness, lack of respect for rule of laws, assault, and illegal apprehension of vehicles, outright extortion and humiliation across the State.