The sudden rise of male cooks in most parts of the world is becoming very alarming.

The plethora of male cooks found all over the place like hotels, and eateries have become a major source of concern putting questions like ‘will male cooks take over from female cooks’? on the minds of people.

The story of Chef Alexander Adebgoye is a very good example of a chef that has made a lot of impact in the culninary business.

Alexander who grew up in Ondo state where the presence of the male child is not recognised in the kitchen said, he didn’t know he could make a fortune from cooking.

Speaking further while on the programme ‘Today on STV’ the culinary expert stated that he gets his inspiration from almanacs, magazines and books.

Explaining further about his cooking career, he revealed that growing up in Ondo State, Ekiti Pupa Local Government, he found himself cooking but didn’t know he coud make a furtune from cooking because of the environment he was, but came to Lagos 2013, and discovered a modern way of cooking which gave him more insight about cooking.

Adegboye also said when giving recipe, he considers those people who cannot afford to buy some kind of food that makes up a recipe

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