A child Psychologist, Bukola Lameed said, that there should be a balance between the girl child and the boy child.

Speaking as a guest on ‘Today on STV’, the child specialist stated that the boys are not told what should be done in marriage and t affects them when they get married.

On the aspect of the boys knowing what they ought to know, Lameed said she started noticing that when something is trending there is a lot of focus on it, and the boys should be involved because most boys do not know so many things they need to know before getting married.

Stressing on the focus on the male child, she said sometimes, the issue of believe or upbringing comes in, and some people or parents believe that there are some things that are meant for ladies alone, which is not suppose to be so.

Stating further, she revealed that humanity is meant for both ladies and men, using pink as an example stressing that  men have been restricted from pink, which is not suppose to be so

Lameed also said, raising a boy child should be to teach them their responsibilities, using cooking as an example that in some homes boys are not allowed to cook, as roles are being stereotyped.

Using emotions as an example, she also said, crying should be both meant for men and women, and boys should not be restricted from some colours.

She said in some belief system, some boys are brought up to stay away from ladies, and when they grow up it affects them emotionally, which they cannot manage.

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