The human skin has been regarded as one of the sensitive part of the body, which is the reason why most people do not joke with it.

Some other people; in the course of taking care of their skin, putting too much attention on it, damage it using different creams and mixture of chemicals.

Skin experts like Onyeka Udechukwu, who is the managing director of Hello Perfect believes she has solutions to most skin problems people have.

Speaking as a guest on the fast rising show, ‘’Today on STV’’, the skin expert stated that there are measures to be taken which are in form of healthy tips, to protect one’s skin from damaging and solving the ;problem of an already damaged skin.

The medical aesthetician  who also has a licensed medical institute said she gives advice, specialises on advanced skin care, focus on anything that has to do with skin care.

On the perception that white skin means healthy skin, she said it is wrong; and what matters most is to avoid bleaching which will in turn look like the white skin.

Concerning make up, she said it is achievable not to put make up and look beautiful, stressing that she has to take her time to prepare victim’s skin before working on it.

In the case of one who has gone from black to white, onyeka, advised them to stop the usage of the cream, immediately.

Onyeka went ahead to dish out advice concerning steps to take to avoid skin problems or have a good skin: she stated that, seeing a specialist comes first, , as everyone is unique to their problem especially with hyper pigmentation, and having a routine check, stressing that, consultation is 10,000 naira.

Talking about consultation, she revealed that the industry is new, and the structure in Nigeria is new, which makes them yet to be defined.

Revealing other areas of her specialisation she stated that  she does skin care, fillers and buttocks, and varieties of treatment and removing the beards on the chin of ladies.

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