What factors compliments beauty if really it is in the eyes of the beholder? Some people believe it is clothes and shoes, while others believe it is accessories.



If accessories compliment beauty, then jewelries should not be an exemption as the role it plays goes a long way .

Silverbird Television foremost fashion show Page 3 has gone ahead to discover of the role jewelries play in beauty as it unveils the artistic works of Doubra Abolarin a professional jewelery maker and the Founder and Creative Director of Zivanora.


Doubra sharing her story of Zivanora said her Jewellery journey started since 2005, stating how her mum taught her how to make Jewellery.

Speaking further, Doubra revealed that, she came back home from school one day, then her mother showed her how make necklace.

She said, for jewelries to last longer, it is ‘’last on first off’’ stressing that .all other things like perfume, lotion, should come first before the jewellery, with the reverse of what was done to be repeated when one arrives to undress.

On the area of maintenance, Doubra urged jewellery enthusiast not to use their jewelries when swimming, at beach water, and avoid direct sunlight on the jewelleries.

Concerning her materials, she revealed that most of them are brass, and sometimes the metals come in, and at other times, silver and gold come in depending on what she is making.

Talking about her instrument, she stated that gauge is the measurement of the thickness of the wire, as the medal comes in form of the wire or s sheath form serving different purposes

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