One of the most educative, inspiring, interesting and  humour packed programme, ”Street Wise” has emerged.

Street Wise, is an interesting programme specifically meant for getting the views of people on the street on a topic, from different locations is another fun packed programme, exclusively from the stables of Media and Entertainment giant, Silverbird Television.

As the name of the programme implies the host of the programme, Victoria Wilson who is always on the street, usually get interesting views from people who ordinarily, may not have the opportunity to speak or air their views about a sensitive topic on a major media platform.

Speaking, on a nationalistic topic: ‘’What does the Horses on the Nigerian Coat of arms signify’’ from the street, on ‘’Street Wise’’, are some Nigerian who shared their views on what they know about the significance or meaning of the two horses on the Nigerian coat of Arms.

Responses from some Nigerians from Ebute Metta, one of the oldest area and street in Lagos, on the topic was interesting as a young businessman who fries plantain for a living called those horses, Peace and Unity.

Wilson, moved further with the Nigerian money, approached and asked another young man on the street whose he response was that, it stands for strength.

While some persons said they do not know, others said the two horses stand for peace and unity, while most of them said it stands for peace and justice.

Look below for the video