The question about couples splitting bills has been a controversial but silent issue.

According to some tradition, many countries have their different norms concerning this topic, while in others, bills should be shared amongst couples, in some climes, bills are paid by either the man or the woman.

Talking about reasons for concluding on the splitting of bills, it has been discovered that some people express their take, based on this topic based on the situation around them at that moment.

The situation can be economical, social, and may just be a lifestyle, depending on the contemporary way of life.

Recently, hosts of a new and fast rising show ”What Women Want” on Silverbird Television, Shade Ladipo and Tolu Ajibola had an invited guest that threw more light on the topic.

According to the guest, he said, he is very traditional because God has made him the head and for that reason, said he pays most of the bill.

As for shade, she believes paying bills should be evenly shared, as she gave a vivid example that, for the hundred thousand spent on food and other things, the bills are shared equal.

From the social context of the issue, coupled with contemporary trends, Shade said, having more money matters.

Shade shared her view from the context that ladies still need a man to take of them even though they are ladies.

Opinions from the public were also shard on the show.

Look below for the video