One very good sign or attribute that reflects the Christmas season in a country like Nigeria is the presence of fireworks.

So many people are always happy to use fireworks as a means of celebration or a symbol to show that the Christmas season is has commenced.

As for some .people, they get pleasure, exited and have fun whenever the activities surrounding fireworks is been expressed.

A blogger called Wilfred Asuquo, who runs Bitter Truth Network, shared his own story concerning fireworks during festive season.

As for the trend that has been going on over the years, Wilfred Asuquo said so many people go to the church for cross over night with fireworks.

As a concerned person he expressed his view as he said most people are just displaying an act of stupidity as most people do not even have enough money to fend for themselves but will use the little money they have to buy fireworks.

Speaking further, he stated that the Chinese people who are the producers of the fireworks are making money from Nigerians because they produce the fireworks; Nigerians spend their money to buy the fireworks.

He expressed the danger of using fireworks during festive season as he said most people are

He urged the Nigerian government put a ban on fireworks in Ngeria, using Cameroon as an example, explaining that it is a small country, but fireworks has been banned.

He also stated that the truth is bitter but he has to say it.