One emerging trend in this generation is the fact that people are maximizing the value embedded in the various social media platforms for business and other activities.

Recently, the importance of Instagram, a photo and video sharing social network, has made a lot of sense to those who experimented its relevance in the world of business.

A fast rising fashion entrepreneur, Adetoke Oluwo, is one of those creative people that have practically used Instagram, to monetize a popular local fabric, known in Nigeria as “Ankara”.

Speaking as a guest on the pogramme “Today on STV”, Creative Director of SGTC Clothing said that, Instagram is a goldmine because it has helped her to achieve a lot in her “Ankara” business

She stated that, she launched SGTC Clothing in October 2016 as a “Ready to Wear” Ankara Line and since then, her clothing label has been quite famous online.

The TV Producer and Screen Writer, urged people to maximise the opportunities that social media has brought, giving an example of how she started with someone in London telling her to replicate an Ankara Piece she saw on her Page; revealing that she posted the Picture and it sold out before she even left for London.

Considering her passion for the business, she said, she wants the world to know that Ankara is not just for “Aso- ebi” (the local fabric, worn uniformly by a set of people for an event) but can be worn at any function and still stand out as a fashionista without trying too hard.

Adetoke said, the full meaning of SGTC is, “Style Goes To Church” and the Inspiration came because she likes going to church leaving people with no option than liking and accepting the her brand.

In her closing words, she advised the viewers to have passion for anything they do, emphasizing that her friends never liked her cloth until an influential South African blogger wore it.