Whenever the topic marriage is discussed, different views come to play; comparing marriage then (the past generations) and now (this generation).

Past generations did things differently, experienced marriage in a different way, did things that this generation will call “old school” or what the old generation will call abomination.

As a result of the divergent approaches when comparing both generations, questions about these view emerge, and people that belong to the old generation believe they have answers to some questions about marriages in this generation.

As for Amaka Chika Nbonu a female Author who has been married for 24 yrs, she is of the view that so many young people embark on the journey of marriage for wrong reasons.

While speaking as a guest on the programme Today on STV, the Certified Pre-marital Counselor said, a lot of young people go into marriage because of material things like, clothes, Phones and Cars.

The author of the book, 49 Ways to Get rid of The Other Woman Without Getting Caught stated that she has been a marriage counselor in her home church for 15 years.

Speaking further on marriage, she said, if one goes into marriage with the mindset that there is a back door, it will be very difficult because there is no way that things won’t happen, stressing that there are so many  things  that shouldn’t be in the picture in marriage; mentioning infidelity as one of them.

Concerning infidelity, which is the act or fact of having a romantic or sexual relationship with someone other than one’s husband, wife, or partner, she said, she does not agree that if a woman has a serious cheat as a husband, she should stay with him because issues of sanity, heath, disease will definitely occur.

She also said, “When people say for better for worse, what is the worse for better?  They can never really say what the worst will be, simply because one don’t have a crystal ball”, advising young people to prepare themselves, and for anything happens when they get into marriage.

In her closing words she advised young people who want to go into marriage to look before they leap, and make it a conscious decision because they can live with their partner for the next seventy years.