After the  much publicised Jussie Smollett case, Abel and Ola Osundairo who were alleged to be part of the fake attack are back in Nigeria.

According to the brothers, the reason for their trip to Nigeria has nothing to do with the case, rather the brothers have decided to come and offer free medical services to people in Nigeria who are in need of it.

Moving away from the drama of the staged attack in Chicago, Last week, Abel and Ola decided to organize free medial outreach program in Lagos, offering various free services … like checking blood glucose levels and blood pressure, and calculating people’s body mass index..

The brothers set up shop outside a local business and hundreds of people showed up to take advantage of the opportunity as doctors were also on hand, prescribing medicines and treatments.

Going memory lane on the attack, Jussie says the staged a fake attack was real had just

According to them, the free medicals was all about community service and healthy living.

Source: TMZ