Award winning Nigerian actress, Funke Akindele, says she wants to educate children on proper hygiene using Dettol soap.

Speaking as a guest on ‘’Today On SV’’, the renowned actress who is known for her popular TV Programme called ‘’Jeniffer’s Diary’’, revealed that Nigerians need to be taught proper hygiene.

The movie producer, who is also a brand ambassador for the company, stated that, the idea to teach people proper hygiene, as washing of hands will be carried out through the Dettol Clean Initiative.

The Brand Manager of Dettol Cassandra Uzo-Ogbugh who also appeared as a guest on the programme said, Dettol, a company known for production of hygiene product, has come up with the initiative, to tell Nigerians about the need of proper hygiene.


On the strategy to be implored, Cassandra stated that they have all it takes to achieve the aim of the initiative stressing that they will do it by mass awareness, education; and teach people how to go about it, thereby providing the infrastructure needed to achieve the aim of the initiative.


Funke also said another aspect they wish to leverage on is the internet and social media, revealing that they will create a site to educate people on proper hygiene.

Casandra also she said tend to champion the promotion of proper hygene by visiting schools to teach students how to wash their hands properly, as there are steps involved.

Concerning the steps, Funke said the soap should be Dettol antiseptic or antibacterial soap, should be robbed around the hands, on the knuckles, wash in and out and dry with a the towel.

On the target market for the initiative, Cassandra said they will be talking to the parents and guardians, because they are more influential in the home, stressing that they will be urged to teach their children how to wash their hands properly and keep a good hygiene within their environment.

Speaking further, Cassandra also stated that that they will be working with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, as they have signed an MOU with them; emphasizing that the initiative will be targeted towards educating people for them to stop open defecation which according to her is a serious known to be seen around.

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