Basic Information about smoothie, fruits and  staying healthy, will not always be enough.

Apart from the consumption of food and drinks, fruits and drink  like smoothies, every normal human being consume, everyone need to stay abreast of the tips and benefits of staying healthy.

On the programme ‘’Today On STV’’, the  segment  set aside specially to dish out healthy tips; dwells  mostly on the best fruits to consume for a better healthy living.

Over time, studies have shown that the usefulness of smoothies, which is a blend and combination fruits to the body are so much. This is the reason host, Winfrey Okolo, carefully selected some healthy fruits like: Coconut, Soursop, and Pineapple to produce special Coconut, Pineapple and Soursop smoothie on the show.

Soursop, a fruit, also known as the guanábana,is common in the tropical climates of Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Isles.

Soursop fruit has been discovered to have low calories, have high fiber with no sodium or fat. Coconut has oil in it, and soursop has antioxidant, as it also fights sun rays.

Pineapples have been overtime known to be  good for the body.

The process goes thus:

Winfrey stated that, the first fruit to be placed in the blender is the soursop fruit because it looks soft.

1 cup soursop (fresh pulp or frozen), ⅓ cup coconut chunks, 1 cup coconut milk or coconut water, 1 cup of sliced Pineapples, ice cubes

Place all the ingredients in a blender cup (no seeds if using fresh soursop!) and work it for about 1-2 minutes.

Serve with coconut shavings and chia seeds

Look below for the video