Fitness means different things to different people; while some people see fitness as going to the gym, others see it as jugging or walking long distances.

As for fast rising Yoga Fitness Trainer, Idala Ogufere, she said fitness means connecting with one’s spirit and soul, so it will  reflect on the body.

Speaking as a guest on the show ‘Today On STV’, the founder of Fit Fire Fiesta stated that she wants people to be fit spirit soul and body because her of her perception of what fitness is all about.

On her plan to make people fit spirit, soul and body, Idala revealed that she has organised a new fitness programme different from the conventional fitness programme; which is  called Fit Fire Fiesta.

Emphasizing on what the ‘fire’ is all about, the fitness expert stated that, the ‘fire’ in it brings out the life in the person to confess positive words.

The yoga coach revealing the event that led to her passion for Yoga stressed that, it started from the time she had a health condition called Pre-eclampsia which is as a result of eating excess during pregnancy, after she had her second son.

In the area of the perception people have about Yoga, she stated that people think Yoga is demonic because of the moves and mood involved in the exercise.

Iyala stated further that, she solves the problem of such perception by playing subtle inspiring songs while she is doing Yoga; in order to connect with her spirit and mind.

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