Considering the saying, ‘you are what you eat’ in the world of healthy living; the need to stay healthy always, has become a necessity.

Winfrey Okolo, a co-host on the programme ‘Today On STV’, has put together a Healthy Green Smoothie Class, to remind everyone of the benefits that are inherent in some fruits.

One of all the fruits is Pineapple; which has a lot of health benefits like: it is loaded with a lot of nutrients, contains disease fighting anti-oxidants, eases digestion, helps reduce risk of cancer, boosts immunity, and suppresses inflammation.

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable and its health benefits are: it lowers blood pressure, it prevents from asthma, it promotes digestion, and it gives healthy skin and hair.

Mango is also very good for the body and it has health benefits like: it prevents cancer, it promotes weight gain, aids digestion, useful in pregnancy, boosts immunity, and manages diabetes, promotes brain health, delays aging.

The importance of Apples cannot be underestimated as it is known to be good for bone health, contains substance that can help fight Asthma, good for the heart, and lowers risk of diabetes.

Other fruits are lettuce, Paw-paw, Ginger, etc.

Look below for the video