Overtime, it has been practically proven that there specific topics people hardly talk about- surprisingly, ‘Sex Therapy’ is one of them because of the ‘shame’ attached to it.

Some reasons might be: the topic looks too personal, and another might just be because it is strange to start talking about one’s personal health in the public.

Despite the fact that sexual health is an essential part of overall emotional and physical well-being; most people still do not want to talk about it.

It has been discovered that: 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men report some degree of sexual dysfunction.

Sex therapy coach and expert Mrs Adesua popularly called Sisi Ade says sex coaching is just coming up in Nigeria because it sounds strange.

Speaking as a guest on the fast rising programme ‘Today On STV’ the sex health expert said there is more to romance than any other thing.

According to her, the idea behind all she doing is that she needed a platform to help ladies and females in general, but ended in a sex coaching school, stressing that, whether people like it or not it is needed in this era.

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