The person who filmed the footage showing a Ukrainian passenger plane being shot down by a missile, has been arrested by Iran.

This development occurred after flight PS752 was brought down after it took off from Tehran on Wednesday last week, killing all 176 people on board.

Talking about national security, president Hassan Rouhani has put some measures in place, as  It is believed the person being detained will face charges related to the security of Iran.

Also, reports from Iran reveals that, it was shot down by accident and announced the arrest of several people over the incident.

Speaking more about national security and the measures that will be implored, after the incident, president Hassan Rouhani said his country’s investigation would be overseen by a “special court”.

In his words, he said, “This will not be a regular and usual case. The whole world will be watching this court,” he said in a speech.

President Rouhani also stated that the “tragic event” an individual should not only have the blame.