Guinea Bissau’s president Jose Mario Vaz has thrown the country into chaos after announcing he is sacking the government with immediate effect.

From all indications, this development has brought about a situation whereby there will be doubt over the success of next month’s election in the West African country.

According to a reliable source, it was also revealed that this is the latest move in a months-long confrontation between the presidency and the government.

In another development, Prime Minister Aristide Gomes denounced a coup attempt and police violently repressed an opposition protest.

Speaking more on his actions president, Jose Mario Vaz’s said; the intense political crisis in the country has prevented the normal operation of some institutions and led to his decision to sack the government.

One good example was the killing of a protester and the injuries some people sustained, when police blocked opposition supporters from holding a demonstration calling for a delay to the November 24 presidential election.

It was revealed that the opposition wants the vote postponed in order to allow an overhaul of the electoral register to limit potential voter fraud.

Vaz, 62, became president in 2014 after elections billed as a new start for a country that had known only coups and turmoil since the end of Portuguese rule in 1974, but a series of prime ministers have come and gone in that time.

Source: Punch