Following xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa, the Malawian Government announced on Wednesday said that it had hired two buses to repatriate nationals, who were displaced.

According to Secretary for the Department of Disaster Management Affairs, Wilson Moleni, the buses left Johannesburg on Tuesday evening and the repatriated Malawians would be back home on Thursday.

This development occurred as a response and reaction to a report that was received by the Malawi High Commission in South Africa that 113 Malawians had been displaced, Moleni said.

The secretary also stated in a statement that, before the evacuation process began, the displaced Malawians were kept in temporary shelters set by the South Africa’s disaster management authorities in Katlehong town, 35 kilometres east of Johannesburg.

Speaking further, he said,“Out of the 113 displaced Malawians, 76 expressed willingness to return home.”

In another development, Moleni revealed that, the repatriated Malawian nationals upon arrival will be provided with temporary shelter in the commercial city of Blantyre before travelling to their various destinations.

Source: Punch